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Centre for Business Law

Advanced labour law (CALL01R)

The Advanced Labour Law Programme – the flagship labour law programme of the Centre for Business Law - aims to give industrial relations practitioners, human resource managers, trade union officials and other interested parties the necessary legal knowledge and skills in an industrial relations environment that is increasingly technical and legalistic. Students will acquire an advanced knowledge of all the relevant areas of labour law that are vitally important to the effective conduct of industrial relations in the workplace. Through case studies, practical exercises, and lectures, students are taught greater skills in problem prevention, problem solving and policy formulation.

The duration of the programme is a year culminating in a written examination in February of the year following enrollment. Study material (textbooks, workbooks and assignments) is included and will be provided to students. Participants also have the benefit of attending a five day seminar during September.

Study level skill 8 on University standards qualification. Credits 24.

Registrations starts from February until end of March. Late registrations will be accepted until end of May.

The topics covered in the programme include:

Individual Labour Law

In the context of the Labour Relations Act and the Basic Conditions of Employment Act -

  • the contract of service
  • discipline in the workplace
  • the meaning of ‘employee’
  • the meaning of ‘dismissal’
  • automatically unfair dismissal
  • dismissal for misconduct, incapacity & operational requirements
  • the transfer of contracts
  • unfair labour practices

Employment Equity

In the context of the Employment Equity Act

  • prohibition of unfair discrimination
  • affirmative action
  • sexual harassment
  • medical testing, testing for HIV/AIDS, and psychological testing

Collective Labour Law

  • freedom of association
  • trade unions
  • organizational rights
  • collective bargaining structures
  • collective agreements
  • strikes and lock-outs (including their legal consequences, replacement labour, and picketing)

Dispute Resolution

  • Commission for Conciliation, Mediation and Arbitration
  • procedures and remedies
  • Labour Court & Labour Appeal Court

Social Security

  • maternity leave
  • unemployment benefits
  • compensation for occupational injuries and diseases
  • health and safety
  • migrant workers