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last modified: 2009/12/04
Centre for Indigenous Law

Welcome to the Centre for Indigenous Law

Functions under the auspices of the Department. The main function of the Centre is to promote and facilitate research in the field of indigenous law. The members of the Centre comes from various academic departments in Unisa as well as members of other universities. The currenthead of the Centre is professor Dawid van Wyk of the Department of Constitutional and Public International Law. The following publications have been completed by the Centre 1980:

  • Myburgh AC (ed) Indigenous criminal law in Bophuthatswana 1983:
  • Prinsloo MW Inheemse publiekreg in Lebowa 1985:
  • Prinsloo MW & Myburgh AC Indigenous public law in KwaNdebele 1986:
  • Myburgh ACInheemse staat in Suider-Afrika 1990:
  • Centre for Indigenous Law Indigenous contract in Bophuthatswana 1991:
  • Van Niekerk GJ & Vorster LP (eds) Field research in indigenous law 1993:
  • Church J (ed) The future of indigenous law in Southern Africa 1997:
  • Prinsloo MW, Van Niekerk GJ & "Current research on lobolo by means of a Vorster LP questionnaire" De Jure 32(1) 1997:
  • Prinsloo MW, Van NiekerK GJ & "Knowledge and experience of lobolo in Vorster LP Mamelodi and Atteridgeville" De Jure 32(2) 1998:
  • Prinsloo MW, Van NiekerK GJ & "Perceptions of the law regarding, and Vorster LP attitudes towards lobolo in Mamelodi andAtteridgeville" De Jure 33(1)