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Science Campus Service Centre tutorial services

Tutorial Schedule

Computer Training

There will be training for students at the computer lab in Florida. The training is free and all students can attend the training. The training will take place on certain days and times. The training will be from 09:00- 12:00 on the selected dates. Student will have to book for the training as seats will be limited. The training will be for the following:

  • Basic Computer Skills (introduction to computers)
    • 18 February
    • 25 February
  • Introduction to MS-WORD
    • 12 February
    • 19 February
    • 26 February
  • Introduction to MS-EXCEL
    • 11 March
    • 12 March
    • 26 March
    • 08 April
    • 10 April
  • MS-WORD exercises
    • 13 February
    • 20 February
    • 27 February
  • MS-Excel exercises
    • 13 March  - class is fully booked
    • 27 March
    • 09 April

Student can book via email. Students must send the email via their MyLife email account. The email must contain your student number and the date you want to attend. Send your email to . Please use the word "training" in the subject of the email.

Are you a registered student? Do you need help in your subjects?

  • Enrol for face-to-face tutorial classes
  • Tutorial classes are free but you have to register at the region to be able to attend the classes
  • Please bring with you 1 ID sized photo for your access card
  • To enrol for classes at the Science Campus simply come to PhaPha Building, 2nd floor.
  • You can enrol Mondays to Fridays from 07:45 - 15:30
  • You can not enroll on Saturdays as class take place on Saturdays you musr register during the week.
  • You can get an enrollments form here:

Tutorial Enquiries:

Mr E Makhado
011 471 2589
Mr C Sias
011 471 2041
Ms P Mbatha
011 471 2164
Mr R Wagner
011 471 3385
Mr G Francis
011 471 3116
Ms C Nyanga
011 471 2055