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Frequently asked questions about applying to do Honours

Q: What are the requirements for admission to the honours programme?
A: A student must have a degree from an accredited university and must have majored in Economics - in other words passed Economics 1, 2 and 3 at undergraduate level. In addition students must have passed the third/final year Economics with an average of at least 60%.

Q: Is the 60% average for the third/final year Economics the absolute minimum or may I apply with slightly less than 60%?
A: You must have 60% or over, nothing less.

Q: What can I do if I did not get an average of 60% in my third/final year Economics, but still want to apply for the honours programme?
A: You must complete enough semester modules in Economics at third-year level to improve the average mark sufficiently before applying for admission to the honours programme. (These modules can be done for non-degree purposes at Unisa.)

Q: Which Economics modules must I do to improve my average?
A: Enrol for modules that you have not done before - if this is not possible, you must choose those modules in which you got the lowest marks in your third/final year.

Q: For how many modules should I enrol to improve my average?
A: If your average is well below 60% (say 55%) you will have to do at least three modules. If it is very close to 60% one or two modules should be enough.

Q: Is it possible to enrol for third-year modules to improve my average and some honours papers concurrently?
A: No. You have to satisfy all the requirements for admission to the honours programme first - only then can you apply for admission.

Q: What if a student passed the bachelor's degree ten (or more) years ago?
A: In such a case the student must repeat the third/final year Economics.

Q: How long does it take to complete the honours degree in Economics?
A: The honours degree comprises five papers and is spread over at least two years. A lot of students take three years to complete the course.

Q: Are the Economics honours courses semester or year courses?
A: All the courses are full year courses (not semester courses).

Q: When do the examinations take place?
A: Students write exams in January/February.

Q: Are there any compulsory courses in the honours programme?
A: Yes. Microeconomics and Macroeconomics are compulsory courses and students must register for both in their first year of study.

Q: When does registration take place?
A: Registration is at the beginning of the year only. You should register as soon as possible, but not later than the end of February.

Q: Does the Department of Economics handle registrations and student administration?
A: Definitely not. See the next question and answer.

Q: Where can I make further enquiries about registration forms, etc?
A: Contact the Department of Postgraduate Student Affairs at (012) 429-4134
or write to the Registrar (Academic), PO Box 392, Unisa, 0003.
You may also use the e-mail address: