Overview of the Registration Process

Students are encouraged to register online although they will also be able to register by fax or post. To make it possible for more students to register online there will be various registration sites with self help computers for online registrations and students advisors present to offer an advisory service. From 2009 there will be no over the counter distribution of study material as it will be delivered on line or dispatched by post or courier.

Registration process and payment

Programmes and courses

  1. Submit  your  registration  by  fax  (012)  429  8578/086 537 6168,  e-mail  (  or  on MyUnisa.
  2. A student number will be allocated to you and you will receive confirmation of acceptance into the relevant programme/course
  3. A non-refundable deposit (see programmes) is payable on registration. Include your eight digit student number followed by one open block and the allocation number as a reference on the deposit slip.
  4. Banking details

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Please follow this procedure carefully to ensure that your student account is correctly reflected:

For courses with student numbers (six-month courses or one-year programmes):



Acc no:


Branch code:


Allocation/reference number:

Student number first and followed by this allocation number:



Remember to fax a deposit slip clearly indicating name, student number, course name to (012) 429 8578/086 537 6168. Your registration is not finalised and study material or tuition will not be forwarded until proof of payment is received.        

5. Balance of payments are due as follows:

First semester course: The balance is payable by 15 March
Second semester course: The balance is payable by 15 August
Year programme: A further amount is payable by 15 March and again by 15 May.
The balance is payable by 15 August.


Payments for multiple participants

Payments  on  behalf  of  a  group  of  participants  should  be  made  into  the  following account:



Account nr:

please contact us

Branch code:




Fax a copy of the deposit slip to (012) 429 8578/086 537 6168 as well as the list of participants with student numbers. The payment will be allocated manually to the respective participant's student account.


  1. Submit your registration by fax ((012) 429 8578)/086 537 6168, e-mail ( or in person to the Centre's office (AJH van der Walt Building, Room 3-100,-3-102,3-104)
  2. Confirmation of acceptance into the relevant workshop will be sent to you. No student number is allocated to workshop participants.
  3. Payment for the workshop is payable in full at least two weeks prior to the commencement of the workshop. Use your initials and surname as a reference on the deposit slip.
  4. Banking details

Remember to fax a copy of the deposit slip to (012) 429 8578/086 537 6168

Sunnyside Account nr: 096R

Branch code: 010645
Allocation nr: 30112/74764