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About us


To be acknowledged as a centre for excellence in the provision of quality non-formal career-focused learning opportunities in applied industrial and organisational psychology


The mission of the Centre for Industrial and Organisational Psychology is to provide the diverse African community with non-formal needs-driven, career-focused learning opportunities in the field of industrial and organisational psychology to promote life-long learning and enhance the competencies of the wider population.

The Centre shall meet its specific responsibilities of tuition, research and community engagement by:

What does IOP entail?

The following are the main areas of specialisation in IOP:

Purpose of UNISA Short  Learning Programmes

The purpose of the short learning programmes at Unisa is to give vent to the University's commitment to enhance learning opportunities in the non-formal curriculum and thus to provide training opportunities for the enhancement of people's competencies, making use of the university's existing human and infrastructural resources.

Hartmut von der Ohe
Manager: Centre for Industrial and Organisational Psychology