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Human Resource Management

Undergraduate qualifications

The career specific undergraduate qualifications provide entry into the field of HR management for students complying with the university entrance requirements. The Diploma and BCom degree programmes are developed in cooperation with leading experts in commerce and industry and are aimed specifically to meet the needs of the contemporary South African work place.

The programmes are designed to provide students with a rich and relevant body of knowledge and HR competencies, grounded in the latest research and equipping them to practice an integrated and business-oriented approach to HR management in their future careers as professional HR practitioners, line managers or self-employed specialist consultants.

Diploma in Human Resource Management

The purpose of this qualification is to provide students with an opportunity to acquire applied competencies in the field of Human Resource Management required for registration with the South African Board for People Practices (SABPP), specifically in the category HR/ER Associate and be empowered to co-ordinate and contribute to the management of the core Human Resource Management functions in line with best practices and quality standards. Students are provided with a career path into the HR profession and progression into the Bachelors of Commerce (Human Resource Management) degree. This qualification lays a foundation for higher career advancement and further studies in the field of Human Resource Management

The Diploma programme will enable graduates to:

  • adhere to legislative requirements and organisational policies and procedures in performing HR functions
  • co-ordinate and contribute to the management of the core processes related to human resources management and practices
  • co-ordinate some of the human resources management processes and practices at operational level
  • promote best human resource management practices in an organisation
  • contribute to the monitoring of Health and Safety at the workplace and the implementation of wellness interventions
  • identify strengths and areas for improvement in own learning through self-reflection and reflection on organisational human resource management and practices.

Bachelor of Commerce in Human Resource Management

The purpose of this qualification is to empower students with the ability to provide appropriate professional HR service to an organisation, including staffing, job design and analysis, training and development of employees, performance management and improvement, compensation and reward and maintaining sound employment relations. Application of theoretical principles and HR technology and practice is contextualised in international and African best practice environments, including aspects of globalisation, embracing new technology, developing human capital, professional ethics and competitive advantage through people.

Students will also be enabled to demonstrate relevant knowledge and applied competence to conduct human resource management (HRM) practices according to the competencies specified for professional registration at the HR Practitioner level of the SABPP.

The BCom degree programme will enable graduates to:

  • apply HR knowledge and general business principles to real life situations
  • interpret economic realities of local community
  • manage resources (financial, human and raw materials in organisations)
  • manage information appropriately
  • make an informed assessment in terms of what happens to human beings and human knowledge in new technological context in the business environment
  • manage people effectively
  • practice the ethics and standards pertinent to the HRM profession as per the Code of Ethics of the HR professional bodies
  • analyse financial information critically 
  • demonstrate entrepreneurial skills in appropriate contexts
  • evaluate HR best practices critically in the knowledge areas of talent acquisition, talent development and talent retention.