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Gauteng Region

 Johannesburg: Face-to-face Tutorial Services

This section is in charge of face-to-face tutorial services for mainstream modules and Science Foundation Provision. The tutorial section plays the role of a link between the student and tutor in relation to the selected modules that a student is studying for. A tutorial is more learner centred and not teacher centred. It is more interactive. A tutor facilitates learning process.

Mainstream Programmes:

Tutorial Service contact info

  • College of Human Sciences and College of Education: 011-630-4504 or or Room 905, 9th foor
  • College of Accounting Sciences: 011-630-4517 or or Room 905, 9th floor
  • College of Economics and Management Sciences: 0116304508 or or Room 909, 9th floor
  • College of Science and Information Technology: 011-630-4512 or or Room 909, 9th floor
  • College of Law: 011-630-4504 or or Room 905, 9th floor
  • College of Agriculture and Environmental Sciences: 011-630-4512 or or Room 909, 9th floor

List of tutorial modules (mainstream)

Please note the following:

You need to enroll for the Tutorials before you can attend
You need to have your tutorial access card to attend the classes

Tutorial timetable 2016

Saturday time tables

Midweek timetables

Info on Tutorial Support Services at Unisa, click here

Science Foundation Provision
Science Foundation Provision provides additional learning support so that a student has a better chance of successfully completing his/her programme. The additional support is built into an extended 1st level curriculum in which learning in selected or Foundation Modules is augmented through special tutorials.

SFP contact details:
Tel: 011 630 4514 or or Room 909, 9th Floor
Info on SFP at Unisa, click here