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Gauteng Region

Johannesburg: Face-to-face Tutorial Services

This section is in charge of face-to-face tutorial services for mainstream modules and Science Foundation Provision. The tutorial section plays the role of a link between the student and tutor in relation to the selected modules that a student is studying for. A tutorial is more learner centred and not teacher centred. It is more interactive. A tutor facilitates learning process.

Mainstream Programmes:

Tutorial Service contact info

  • College of Human Sciences and College of Education: 011-630-4504 or or Room 905, 9th foor
  • College of Accounting Sciences: 011-630-4517 or or Room 905, 9th floor
  • College of Economics and Management Sciences: 0116304508 or or Room 909, 9th floor
  • College of Science and Information Technology: 011-630-4512 or or Room 909, 9th floor
  • College of Law: 011-630-4504 or or Room 905, 9th floor
  • College of Agriculture and Environmental Sciences: 011-630-4512 or or Room 909, 9th floor

List of tutorial modules (mainstream)
Please note the following:

You need to enroll for the Tutorials before you can attend
You need to have your tutorial access card to attend the classes

Tutorial timetable
Midweek schedule:

Saturdays schedule:

Info on Tutorial Support Services at Unisa, click here

Science Foundation Provision
Science Foundation Provision provides additional learning support so that a student has a better chance of successfully completing his/her programme. The additional support is built into an extended 1st level curriculum in which learning in selected or Foundation Modules is augmented through special tutorials.

SFP contact details:
Tel: 011 630 4514 or or Room 909, 9th Floor

Info on SFP at Unisa, click here