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Facts & figures

Offering study opportunities to more than 400 000 students from across South Africa, Africa and other parts of the world, Unisa offers a diverse choice of study fields at levels from certificate to degree. The university is considered South Africa’s most productive* accounting for 12.8% of all degrees conferred by the country’s 23 public universities and universities of technology.

This, combined with the fact that Unisa has increased its African student population to the extent that they are now in the majority, leaves no doubt that Unisa is the university contributing most to the transformation of the South African higher education landscape.

students enrolments

Student enrolments

Get details on the number of students that applied and enrolled at Unisa in 2012 as well as the number of students per college.

students success

Student success

As South African's most productive university, Unisa accounts for 12.8% of all degrees conferred by institutions in the country.



We offer an unparalleled range of study choices in a variety of disciplines. We have graduates studying for 819 formal qualifications in 2012.

staff statistics

Staff statistics

Find out the total number of Unisa staff members, divided by gender, race and category.


*2011 South Africa Survey – South Africa Institute of Race Relations)