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last modified: 2015/08/06
Social Work

Welcome to the department of Social Work

The Department of Social Work strives to promote the ideals of democracy, social transformation and social justice. We aim to practically apply the fundamental principle of the University of South Africa’s mission, namely to be “in service of humanity”. Our teaching strives towards academic excellence and relevance congruent with the ethos of the profession of Social Work and within the parameters of the Act on Social Service Professions (Act 110 of 1978 as amended). Our training is student-centred, supportive and empowering in nature.

Our goal is to ensure that we produce quality graduates who are proactive global citizens and show a deep sense of appreciation and understanding of both the local and global social and economic issues.

The Bright Site Project The Department of Social Work at Unisa, with the sanction from the University’s executive management, initiated the Unisa Bright Site Project in collaborative consultation with the stakeholders and the community of Sunnyside in Pretoria. Visit website.