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Christian Spirituality, Church History and Missiology


What is Mission?  

We understand mission as the "cutting edge" of a Christian community, that is, its attempts to change the world through projects of evangelism, healing, teaching, development or liberation.

What is Missiology?  

We understand missiology as the systematic and critical study of the missionary (world-changing) activities of Christian churches and organisations. 
The public profile of our Department
 Our department is well-known throughout Southern Africa and many parts of the world, due to the following facts:

  •  we have students in various other African countries as well as in Russia, Germany, North and South America
  • The founder and first head of our department, the late Professor David Bosch, was known worldwide for his missiological publications and for his role in ecumenical organisations
  • Our staff members have followed in his footsteps through publications and through playing leading roles in the Southern African Missiological Society, the International Association for Mission Studies and in the production of the international academic journal, Missionalia 

Undergraduate qualifications

Honours qualifications

Masterís and doctoral qualifications

For enquiries about these post-graduate programmes, please e-mail Maria Mahloko, who will put you in touch with the right person: