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Manage my Studies

Study skills

Learning styles

Find out more about how you prefer to learn and how this knowledge could help you to make better use of your available study time.

Balancing work and studies  Are you struggling to balance your work and studies? Be inspired by this article.
Manage isolation - form a study group

Are you feeling isolated from other students? Forming a study group with fellow students can motivate you to complete your studies. This article explains how can you do this.

My memory - can I improve it? You will often need to memorise basic facts, ideas and key words as part of your studies. This article explains how memory works and how you can manage yours.

Are you one of those students who often complains about a lack of concentration? This article might help you to learn new techniques to improve your concentration.

Notemaking  Notemaking is an extremely important study skill and is essential as part of your process to make sense of your own learning. Learn more about two techniques that you can try.
Managing stress, anxiety or  tension Stress is normal, but not managing your stress can have a negative impact on your studies. Read about identifying stressors and how to manage them for yourself.
I want to know more about how to prepare for my examinations (HTML Are you wondering how to prepare for examinations? How to deal with exam anxiety?
I want to know how to manage my anxiety about exams and effective time management techniques to help me prepare (Slideshow) This presentation will help you to check what you need to look out for in terms of academic anxiety and how to use time management as a way to address your anxiety.
Exam preparation handout This handout is used at an examination preparation workshop that is presented in Parow bi-annually.
Reflecting on exam failure This page contains information about reflecting on your exam experience and provides further resources to help you approach your preparation more effectively.
Time Management (HTML or Slideshow) Long-term and short-term planning are important skills for you to manage your studies. Learn more about applying these skills.

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