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Publications and projects

Psychology department projects

The department has a number of research and clinical projects that it hosts each year. Please see the list below for a project you may be interested in participating in.

Departmental Research Buzz

The department hosts a number of research buzz sessions where students, lecturers and guest lecturers present projects that they are currently working on. The aim of the buzz sessions are to stimulate academic discourse and to share ideas. For more information on the buzz sessions and to see the topics held recently click here.

New Voices in Psychology

New Voices in Psychology is an innovative peer reviewed publication that is published twice a year by the Unisa Psychology Department. It has become firmly established as a journal that concentrates on entry-level articles, giving first-time academic authors the opportunity to publish their work. The challenge has always been to do this without compromising on academic quality, while fostering cutting-edge, innovative work. To achieve this, we have established a review process that avoids destructive criticism and instead emphasises working with prospective authors to fine-tune their manuscripts. For more information about the journal, please go to:

MA (Clinical) Psychotherapeutic Clinics
Masters in Clinical Psychology 2nd year Clinics

  • Office of the Family Advocate (Pretoria) Clinic – coordinated in chief by Mrs. Elmarie Visser, along with Mr. Franco Visser. The 2nd year Masters in Clinical Psychology  students deliver services and are trained in custody and access matters pertaining to divorce actions between parties. The Office of the Family Advocate is assisted from a Psychological perspective in their investigations and recommendations are made to inform custody and access matters especially where this is in dispute. Assessments and reports are compiled for the Office of the Family Advocate by Mrs. Visser, Mr. Visser and the 2nd year Masters Clinical Psychology students. In addition Mrs. Visser and Mr. Visser are involved at the Office of the Family Advocate as Volunteer Counselors, providing assessment, report and Court testimony services free of charge to the Office. This project is only open to registered Clinical Psychology students.

  • Weskoppies Psychiatric Hospital Neuropsychology Clinic- coordinated by Mr. Franco Visser, the 2nd year Masters in Clinical Psychology students deliver services pertaining to Neuropsychological assessments and report writing for Weskoppies Psychiatric Hospital. Designed and instituted by Mr. Visser in 2009 the Clinic is run on a weekly basis and is coordinated by Ms. Nicole Schluep, a Clinical Psychologist at Weskoppies Psychiatric Hospital. This project is only open to registered Clinical Psychology students

Research projects

  • Mapping Psychology Project
The mapping Psychology project, run by Prof. Eduard Fourie, Prof. Piet Kruger, Prof. Martin Terre Blanche & Mr. Nick Forssman, is aimed at creating an interactive map of the research undertaken by the department. The maps are intended for use by prospective Masters and Doctoral students who are looking for a supervisor, as well as for potential institutional collaboration on focus areas. The ultimate objective for this project is to map the focus areas of research in psychology across Africa. 
  • People Behind the Papers

The People Behind the Papers project is aimed at lifting the veil on what it is like to be a practising researcher in psychology - and related fields - in South Africa. The intention is to do this through the medium of interviewing with the goal of publishing these interviews as publicly available texts. The focus on the project is on how you relate to your work on a personal level by discussing a paper you’ve published that had a significant impact on you and your career.

For more information on the project please click on the link below:

  • The MARC Room

The MARC Room is an action research project aimed at developing an interactive online space to facilitate the tuition of MA Psychology (Research Consulting) students. The MARC Room is a step toward creating an open access system for in-depth, intense training of psychologists at the Masters level without compromising the quality of the training provided.

  • Barefoot IT in Psychology

    Barefoot IT in Psychology is a project aimed at developing support materials for psychology students at Unisa. Many Unisa students do not have access to their own computer and this can negatively impact on their learning in a distance learning context such as Unisa. In an attempt to bridge the technological gap, the department has developed a guide to obtaining cheap, effective IT resources and provides guidelines on how to best use these. The project aims to empower students by placing them in a position to positively change the circumstances in which they learn and study.

  • South African Goldsmith project

Run by Prof. Fred van Staden, this project is aimed at recording and disseminating information on manufacturing goldsmiths who worked in South Africa during the twentieth century. A research blog has been developed to  exchange information on the lives and times of 2oth century goldsmiths. It can be accessed at or .

Community Engagement projects

  • Visual artists of Greater Tshwane support project
The Visual artists of Greater Tshwane support programme is an ongoing process of engagement project with the artists of Greater Tshwane spearheaded by Prof Fred van Staden from the Psychology Department and Mr Jacob Lebeko, assistant curator of the Unisa Art Gallery. The project aims to help with the facilitation of marketing opportunities for emerging as well as established artists in Greater Tshwane, as well as to provide logistical, editorial, electronic and administrative support to artists without access to these resources. This also include the curation of a bi-annual group exhibition. Another aim is also to raise awareness and appreciation amongst the public of the work that local artists are producing.

Publications of the psychology department 2010


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The following reports are available: