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Communication Science

Communicatio:  Southern African Journal for Theory and Research

The Department is renowned for its academic prominence and issues the bi-annual accredited subject journal (South African Journal for Communication Theory and Research), since 1974. Click here for information on the latest edition - as well as a subscription form.


Authors should confirm that their article is original work and not under consideration elsewhere.


The article should be presented as a Word Document.  The full title of the article should be on the first and separate page. The biographical and contact details of the author should be on a separate (second page). The abstract and key words should be on a third and separate page.

All notes (endnotes – not footnotes) must be kept to a minimum and appear at the end of the article before the list of references. 

An ABSTRACT of 200 words in length, covering the main purpose and topics and findings addressed in the article should accompany an article plus a list of at least six KEYWORDS for abstracting and indexing services.

Consulted and referred to sources must be listed at the end of the article under the heading REFERENCES.

All articles are peer reviewed by at least two subject specialists.

Authors will be asked to complete the copyright form and submit it once the article has been accepted for publication, as well as a form containing biographical and their contact details.


Excluding the title, biographical and abstract pages, the article should not exceed 6250 words or 25 pages (250 words per page) including all tables, figures, photo’s, references and endnotes. 


For more information contact us at 012-429-6565/e-mail: You may also visit the Unisa communicatio site.

For more information or for contributions contact  Prof Pieter Fourie