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Communication Science

Profile of Prof Rachel Barker


Prof Rachel Barker received the Research Leadership Award for Woman Researchers at Unisa in August 2010 and C2 NRF rating in 2011. This is testimonial of the impact she has made on academics, not only young and upcoming, but also on established researchers.  In spite of her dedication and commitment to tuition at undergraduate, honours, master’s and doctoral levels, as well as the offering of a certificate course in online public relations, she excelled as researcher which is evident from her consistently high research outputs in a wide range of accredited journals which has been rated on a very high academic, theoretical and empirically sound level over the last five years. 

This is evident from the abridged resume as well as detailed curriculum vitae.  In addition, she has been an active scholar and academic citizen through her involvement in national, international and departmental workshops and seminars designed to enhance research and knowledge on her fields of expertise.  She is also editor (Africa) for an international journal and an active editorial member of various accredited local journals.  She has been an active member of the mentoring programmes (departmental and college level) and has enabled various scholars to develop into young and upcoming academics with excellent outputs and track records.  Prof Barker is also a dedicated postgraduate supervisor and many of her scholars excelled in their careers based on the input she made in their development.  Apart from her awards for academic excellence, she has been actively involved in community engagements and has included her mentees in these projects to empower them and expose them to the industry and for the future growth.  Click here for more on Prof Braker's profile.


Degree/Diploma/Certificate Institution Major Subjects
D.Litt. et Phil University of Johannesburg Title of thesis: Die ontwikkeling van ‘n geďntegreerde kommunikasie-evalueringsmodel
MA Communication University of South Africa Thesis:  Die skakelbeampte as mededeler:  Erving Goffman se benadering tot beeldskepping
BA Honours (Communication) University of South Africa Communication Theory, Organisational Communication, Communication Research, Public Relations, Advertising, Research Project:  The use of language in advertising
A Sociology Texas A&M University Social Theory 601, Social Organisations 602, Social Psychology 603, Research Project:  Personality and the social role in organisations
BA Communication PU for CHE/Unisa Communication III, Sociology III, Psychology II, Criminology I, Communication Law I, Northern Sotho I, Afrikaans I
Certificate in Marketing Management University of Pretoria Project:  Development of a marketing strategy for Energy Efficiency