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Open shelf books

The open shelf book collection is distributed across floors 5 to 8 of the Library, and is arranged by subject using the Dewey Decimal Classification System

Students may borrow all the books in the Open Shelf Collection except the reference books (eg dictionaries, encyclopaedias, bibliographies and atlases). These books are marked with the prefix REF before the number and may only be used in the Library.

Use the colour-code shelf guide, available on each floor, to determine the location of the books.

Oversized books are shelved on level 5.

Masters and doctoral theses form part of the open shelf collection and are shelved according to subject using the Dewey Decimal Classification System.

All books can be checked out at the Main Issue Desk or self check-out machines on level 3.

Books may be borrowed by clients subject to Library rules and regulations.

For more information about borrowing, renewing and returning of library material click here.